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A Digital Bundle for Musicians & Creatives who want to get organised and feel uplifted for 2023!

A gift for you lovely rubies, to celebrate the launch of my brand new newsletter. This bundle is great for musicians, creatives or anyone that would like to feel uplifted, positive and get organised for next year :)

What you'll get:

  • A 54 page editable workbook for yearly, quarterly, monthly tracking and reflection with a focus on goals, positivity and self care.


  • Bonus 1: A bucket list for musicians and creatives, with prompts to map out your biggest creative/musical dreams.

  • Bonus 2: A beautiful 'self care ideas' digital image with an uplifting message in the shape of a heart, which you can display or print off.

  • Bonus 3: Digital Download of my positive 60s pop and Motown song 'Rain or Shine for your boost of happiness.

Don't hang about on this one, this is an exclusive free gift for the first Rubies to sign up to my

my brand new newsletter and won't be around for long. Get your freebie here:

Why this Bundle? Why now?

I wanted to create something that I knew would be something that would, help me when planning out my music/creative goals, dreams and my year. As someone who considers them self a musician and creative, as well as a lover of all things planning and stationary, this was a natural choice. Getting in the right mindset is absolutely crucial to me, in making sure all areas of my life are in operating as I want them to be. Navigating on my new journey from employee to self employed, it was more important than ever to keep on track of my mindset, get organised and clear on my goals, how I want to spend my time and tracking that. I knew if this kind of thing is immensely helpful to me, it would be to others too, so I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy, please tag me in photos/videos of you enjoying your bundle on socials either through my personal account @hannahrubymusic or @rubymusicacademy which has been set up to help musicians and creatives to grow in terms of strategy, skills and mindset.

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