#1 Behind the songs: WILD

#1 Behind the songs: WILD

Hi Rubies! Hope you’re all well today 🙂 This is the first in a long line (hopefully) of weekly posts. Every Monday (probably evening) there will be a new blog post up on my site about anything and everything. Combined with my youtube videos, there will be lots of new content to look forward to every week! At the end I thought it would be fun to include some other photos from the photoshoot for the ‘Wild’ Cover art.

This weeks post is about the inspiration/work on the songs for my EP. It’s in quick jot note form, as the thoughts came to me. If you like this, I will a video at the bottom from my youtube channel, which looks at behind the scenes recording! Hannah Ruby xo

Listen to the songs above whilst reading 🙂

1. Danger

During work on this song it helped me learn what I would need and how to produce the other songs myself with the help of the awesome Tony Lock of One Umbrella Studios, who produced this song.

Already had this song written and felt it tied into the theme well as by this point I knew it was going to be a Jungle/Wild kind of thing and this along with Hunted tied into the predator/prey thing in the wild.

2. Wild

The song that sparked off the EP idea

Thought of the intro initially whilst I was at work. Knew I wanted this didgeridoo sound in it. Which I did incorporate into the final version but also added other instruments.

Has over 40 tracks. By this I mean on my DAW (Digital Work station, Cubebase. A more commonly known DAW is Logic for Macs) I needed to upgrade my DAW to create this song.

The first one I produced myself, and the one that took the longest as it was pretty complicated, with all those tracks.

3. Hunted

Another song already written. Once I had wild I went through and picked out any songs I thought was good enough and could tie into this theme.

Inspiration was ‘blackbird’ by the beatles. This was my attempt at doing a similar thing on guitar by travelling down the neck and picking.

4. Jungle Red

I wrote this song for the EP, relatively quickly. I wanted each song to be pretty different and this was my attempt at a more commercial/poppy sound. The Jungle is for the theme the red is for my red lipstick I always wear.

Some other photos from the ‘Wild’ photoshoot, scroll through to see them all

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