#6 Random musical Facts about Me

#6 Random musical Facts about Me

Hi Rubies! For this weeks blog post, I thought I’d share 6 random musical facts about me 🙂

  1. Some of my favourite songs I liked to sing when I first started singing publicly at karaoke when I was 9: Georgy girl, my boy lollipop, dancing queen.
  2. Used to dance round the front room with my mum and brothers to the levellers songs like – there’s one way of life and what a beautiful day. Attended the first beautiful days festival in 2003.
  3. My dad taught me to play guitar at age 13, and the first songs he taught me was learning to fly – tom petty and morning has broken – cat stevens. The first song I taught myself was see you again – miley cyrus
  4. Instruments I can play – Guitar, singing, ukulele, keyboard and I used to play Viola in year 6.
  5. I did singing lessons for two years at high school, and have achieved grade 2 level in singing.
  6. I often sign my cards with a music note or treble clef.

Hope you enjoyed these random musical facts!

Hannah xo

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