#12 Quotes I love – Part 2

#12 Quotes I love – Part 2

Hi Rubies, hope you’re all well today! Today going to be sharing some more quotes I love. Check out Part 1 HERE. I felt like sharing part 2 today as they are all very centred on positive thinking and determination as that’s what I need most at the moment. If you’ve seen my previous monthly live stream on Facebook (HERE) you will know I’ve not been feeling very well. Both physically in terms of a cold and losing my voice but also mentally I have felt very down, chuck in the fact it’s getting colder and more glum outside as well, it’s been easy for me to be in a major slump.

Today I feel very proud of myself as I took some steps to start feeling better. My running always made me feel good so I did a small little run today as a starting point. I focused on my eating a bit more to try and eat more mindfully and healthily. I also have been working on being a bit more productive each day writing out goals and small steps I can take. Sometimes everything can feel overwhelming and all these big goals seem so far away and hard to achieve but Rome wasn’t built in a day and with that being said I think the first quote is perfect ‘the best way to get things done is to simply begin’! One small step in front of the other is progress, no matter how slow. So I thought I’d share these quotes I like today today in case any of you guys need to hear them too, if like me you’ve not been feeling your best recently or just want some positive quotes 😀


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Hannah XO

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