#17 Happy New Year!

#17 Happy New Year!

Hi Rubies!


I hope you all had a lovely christmas and enjoying the new year so far. We are already a week in, which is crazy.

I’m really looking forward to this year, I already have some awesome gigs lined up, which you will be hearing about soon, by checking back on this page HERE on my website, or if you follow me on Facebook, via my events page.

I have lots of great ideas and plans for this year and of course am looking forward to working on new music (Which I will be talking more about later as the year progresses). I have a lovely new planner which I have been planning everything out in!

My lovely new planner from the Inspired Stories!

At the moment I am unsure of scheduling and I think I would like to make some changes. At the moment I have one video up a week on my youtube channel, a post on here weekly and a monthly live stream over on Facebook. I think in the future I will be changing this slightly, to give me more time into working on ideas and planning future content as sometimes these schedules can be a lot if I have a busy week or even a month where not a lot has happened so there’s not as much to talk about. But I will keep you updates on what’s going on with it all! It’s probably a good idea to follow me on my socials too, so you don’t miss anything @hannahrubymusic on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Talk to you soon, hope you have a lovely rest of your day/evening and week and wishing you all the best for 2020 😀

Hannah XO

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