Rain or Shine Release Day!!!

Rain or Shine Release Day!!!

Hi Rubies, it’s rain or shine release day! It’s here!

Below, I’ve linked the music video as well as more info about the song and its creation 🙂

Hannah XO

“Be proud of yourself on your best days, but most importantly on your hardest days too, be authentically and unashamedly you.”

‘I’m like this Rain or Shine’ Exeter Musician aims to lift others up with catchy new 60s inspired tune.

Red lipstick loving, Exeter Musician Hannah Ruby, releases her first single of 2022, ‘Rain or Shine’ on all major online music platforms on Friday 20th May 2022. Not only an instantly catchy 60s inspired pop tune, it has a deeper message. Its aim is to empower others – To be proud of yourself not only when you’re at your best but also during your hard times.

“It’s easier to celebrate and be proud of ourselves when we achieve a goal or something goes right in our lives,” Says songwriter, Hannah Ruby. “Unfortunately, it’s also easy to put ourselves down when we make a mistake, or we feel like we’ve failed. I want this song to empower people, to remind them their amazing, unique, and to be proud of themselves, whatever the weather is their currently facing in their lives, to remind them their strong and they’ll get through it.”

Creation and Story

Hannah first had the idea for the song whilst waiting to start work for the day.

“I had this melody in my head and just over and over I was singing “I’m only like this when…” and just very strongly the idea of that brass sound you hear in the song. I had to get it recorded into my voice memos on my phone straight away, and it was just stuck in my head for weeks.”

Together with her musician and producer father, Steve Tones, they fleshed out the song and added to it.

“I really had this very particular brass sound in my head right from the beginning, and none of the instruments we were finding was quite right, my dad and I blended about 5 different brass instruments together in the end to create those distinct brass stabs you hear. I’m really pleased with the result.” Says Hannah.

Hannah wanted to combine her love of 60s music and fashion, most distinctly pop and Motown influences and her desire to spread positive messages through her songs and messages. Her last release ‘Lights Out’ was a fantastic community collaboration between herself and different local businesses, coming about as a result of international women’s day. In that song, she shared a relatable experience, one of self-doubt, but through the lens of hope.

“I don’t like to shy away from challenging experiences.” Says Hannah. “For me, music has always been a form of therapy, in both the writing and the listening. My aim with my songs is to share tough times, but through a lens of hope and optimism for the future. In this song I encourage the listeners to celebrate and be proud of themselves on their best and worst days. On a great day that might mean a bigger achievement, on a bad day – even getting out of bed and having some breakfast is a great win.”

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