The Story So Far…

The Story So Far…

Hi Rubies!

So my name is Hannah and I am a Devon singer-songwriter and musician! I’ve always loved music, being surrounded by a love for music at an early age. My mum would always play songs and we would dance and sing around the front room for ages as well as hosting our own ‘Car-eoke’ on car journeys. My dad is a brilliant musician and I’ve lost count the amount of instruments he can play and he is the most talented musician I know. He can sit for hours playing around on the guitar till he’s perfected a riff and plays along to adverts by ear. So it was inevitable I was going to be a big lover of music as well.

I remember first consciously realising how much I loved singing and that I had a knack for it when I was 7. I have a clear memory of when my mum was in the hospital after just having given birth to one of my brothers singing with the nurse and her telling me that I was really good. It surprised me as it wasn’t something I had thought about. Singing was in my bones just like an artist naturally paints or a chef has a natural flair for cookery. It was natural and I hadn’t really thought about having a talent for it till then. I have memories of going to horse riding after school club in primary school and getting the whole mini bus to learn and sing along to ‘A Hard Days Night’ by The Beatles.

I started going to karaoke at the pub next door (now sadly gone, which is a shame as I would love to go back and sing where I first began) every Sunday a few years after this. Without fail I would get up and do ‘My Boy Lollipop’ and ‘Georgy Girl’ in fact as soon as I arrived there would be a request in ready for me to sing. All the regulars would ask for requests. It was a real community spirit and I have extremely fond memories of the karaoke next door. It was my first ‘live performance.’

In year 6 we learned to play the viola in school which I really enjoyed. I was given a violin as a present from my dad and tried to play it. Unfortunately I lost interest relatively quickly and it quickly gathered dust. I can’t remember if I expressed an interest to play after seeing all the amazing things on it my dad could do or he got it for me as a present and I took to it, but my dad bought me my first guitar and began teaching me to play when I was 13. I loved it. We would sit down and he would teach me all about the strings and the chords, the first 2 riffs I learned was king of the castle/dirty rascal and the little smoke on the water riff. I wanted to learn more and more so I began seeking out songs I wanted to learn and would learn the chords as I went. The first song I learned was ‘See you Again’ by Miley Cyrus. The first chords I struggled with was B and F (Bar Chord) and I remember after lots of practice and very sore hands, being so proud of myself when I finally nailed it. Around this time I wrote my first proper song too with the chords I learned. It’s called ‘Carry on’ which you can find on my youtube channel HERE.

Photo Credit: Hen House Restaurant

As long as I’ve known there was such a thing as a job or career my wish has always been to be a musician. To write and release songs and perform live. After this my 10 year old self said then I would be a teacher as a realistic job then a writer. 12 years later I still want to be a professional musician (Although I’m not too sure about the teaching anymore, although it’s not completely ruled out as my ‘realistic’ job choice!) I still love writing too.

Since I first began singing back then and now, I have done quite a few contests including getting to the finals rounds. I also have done a fair amount of gigs, busking and open mics. I have also set up my youtube channel ‘Hannah Ruby’ (Previously TheHannahTT Music Page). I love performing and am just trying to increase this as much as I can! Check out my UPCOMING PERFORMANCES page to see what I have coming up πŸ™‚

I understand being a musician isn’t classed as a ‘realistic/normal job’ by society. It’s not something you can apply for and have a guide telling you what qualifications and experience you need to progress to the next level. But, in a world of doubt and anxiety,I want more than anything to prove to myself I can be successful if I work hard enough. I want to spend my life trying to achieve a little bit more of my dream every day. I work by the motto 
of I would much rather try and fail than not try at all. There is nothing worse than having lived and be full of regret. You can’t win the game if you’re not in it to begin with.

I thought it would be fun to include some random facts about me:

β™’ I LOVE Back to the Future. I could probably quote the films off by hearts and have watched them more times than I can count, including going to see them on the big screen on future day with my boyfriend (Who I’ve also made watch the films hundreds of times with me – sorry Brad!).
β™’ I get so cold that I will have hot water bottles even in summer. You know it’s HOT when even I don’t have a hot water bottle (Like right now it’s like a heatwave in the UK😰).
β™’ Sims is my favourite (Okay pretty much only…) game I play. And 3 is the best in the series I will argue to the ends of the earth on that one lol (Though 2 is close behind then followed by 4).
β™’ I have had panic attacks and anxiety since I was 11. One of my proudest achievements is how far I’ve come at managing and coping with them. Also getting through my GCSE’s when they were particularly bad.
β™’ I am currently saving for a house with my boyfriend (Houses are ExxxPPEnnsiveee. Adulthood = 😴).

β™’ I am currently writing a story called ‘Cardienia’ (That’s all I’m going to say about it for now I’m afraid πŸ˜‰ but I’m SUPER proud of how it’s going).
β™’ My mum is the ‘crazy animal lady’ (She was the crazy cat lady but she has since been upgraded LOL) We have 5 cats – Biscuit, Fudge, Raisin, Sweetpea, George. A dog Indie (She is a Yorkie poo and Cockapoo cross. My mum calls her a double poo πŸ˜‚) and a rabbit Gerad.
β™’ I have a 2:1 degree in History
β™’ No surprise here but red lipstick is my favourite makeup item. I instantly feel more confident with it. Atm I am really liking Hourglass liquid lip in the shade ‘Icon.’

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